On the go content publishing in Joomla Website using Mobile App

If you are the author or an administrator of a Joomla website you will be accessing the front end or back end to publish the content in the site. or if you are the owner of a website you might have arranged the logins to the website authors and ask them to publish the continent using the rich text editors available in Joomla by login into the website from browsers.

Sometimes this might be a tedious job as the author or administrator have to access their desktops or might be busy with something else and you might miss an important article to be published in your Blog pages. You might be wondering how to publish the content in Joomla website using a mobile app.

There is a mobile app available for both Android and iOS devices in WordPress where website developer can configure and install into your mobile devices but in Joomla there is no mobile app officially available for authoring the content.  We at Daksha have developed a common mobile application for Joomla back end where we can customize and white label with the your company name. We make it available for the authors by authenticating for the first time and start writing the articles with an easy rich text editor and ability to upload pictures / videos / any rich text media into the Joomla articles. Authors can even see their own past articles and can edit articles from their mobile devices using the Joomla mobile app.

If you understand the Native and Hybrid mobile framework,  We at Daksha have developed for both the frameworks and deployed into Client mobile devices. This way you can easily publish any kind of content or article on the go and ensure the content authoring tool is very easy and accessible at any point of time.  

Joomla Mobile App

Your Joomla website might be using content components such as K2, Easy blog, or the native Joomla Articles, We can integrate the mobile app with any kind of content components in Joomla.

Dakshah e-Informatics team got expertise in building a custom mobile app for your Joomla website with our Custom Joomla services, Please get in touch with us for a detailed discussion on Joomla website Mobile App Development.


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