How to easily maintain a Joomla website

Joomla CMS is one of the most widely downloaded CMS system for Website and web application development. After the web application or website is developed and made live, accessible from public, then you have to maintain the website in a proper manner and take appropriate steps so that there won’t be any downtime because of vulnerabilities in the website.

The vulnerabilities to the website include DDoS attack, SQL injection, hacking of backend administration site, Brute force attack, high volume Spam attacks etc.

Checklist for Joomla website maintenance

Here is a checklist for easy maintenance of Joomla website to avoid any kind of venerable or threats to the website .

  1. Regularly update the core Joomla CMS to the latest version.
  2. Periodically keep on update or install the used Joomla component in the website to its major release versions.
  3. Configure and setup the website to create backups on daily basis automatically.
  4. Verify and use only the well-known Joomla components or plugins, do not ever install Nulled versions of any component downloaded from unknown sources.
  5. Install and configure any security related Joomla component such as Akeeba admin tools or rely on third party web security services like Sukuri.
  6. Develop the Joomla custom components in very clean and secure way.
  7. Keep the backend administrator password very strong.
  8. Access the backend administrator from a secured URL instead of

          You can configure it to access from

  1. Integrate your website with Anti Spam / Anti Hacker IP blocker directory Project  Honeypot.

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