How to develop APIs for Joomla components

With Joomla becoming more and more popular CMS platform, you may get stuck yourself in dilemma of which external application or system to be integrated and how? Don’t worry we are here to help you out in bringing or sending out of valuable information from other systems outside of Joomla.

To bring positive impact on your website in a multiple way, Joomla has come up with diverse core software programs, components, modules, plugins, templates, extensions etc. Whether you are looking forward to reducing manual entry of data, improve business processes or eradicate the minor mistakes that go with them, APIs for Joomla can help you in overcoming from such issues.

With growing trend of offering Restful services for web products, Joomla is no exception. For your reference we have listed few APIs for Joomla components.

A plugins extensible com_API is one of the easiest one to add REST API framework for Joomla. All you need to do to get started with this is to download it and install the required API plugin. Once you have done with downloading enable it, to fetch the required content via APIs. It follows a plugin-based articles hence have multiple resources for articles, categories and more. This API component helps in creating complex modules and in introducing custom error handlings.

Json is the another oldest and most used document type to do JSON over REST. It does not require any additional extensions and is very easy to use, as is available right inside a component.

POC web services app, where a detailed documentation of API specifications is available. It contains both the sample resources and suggestions required for the implementation of web services. However, its specifications give us a clear idea on the implementation for URLs and data structures. It offers multilingual support and once you fix it, then it will serve as the default way to do APIs in Joomla.

Hope we have provided enough information on creating an API for a Joomla extension, if missed any part, please mention in the comment box below.

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