Easy ways to data migrate from Joomla or WordPress legacy versions

There might be instances where you have to re-engineer your web applications / Website using the latest CMS versions or latest technology stack. You might have gathered large set of data in the legacy data systems. Technically you can get it implemented as an enhancement or re write the entire feature set based on the vision of the project.

But there will be challenges in addressing data porting. The Data might have in Joomla old versions such as 1.5 or Joomla 2.5. Or you are migrating from old Joomla CMS to WordPress CMS or latest Joomla versions. Or in few cases migrating from other CMS or non CMS systems such as ASP.NET, Java web application to Joomla CMS.

The Data sets in Joomla or WordPress CMS includes :

  1. Users and User groups
  2. Pages  or Web Content
  3. Blogs
  4. Tags
  5. Testimonials
  6. Images
  8. Based on Application, other data like Followers, Mailing lists, Subscribers, bookings, Registration data, Forms data etc.

We can’t migrate and link in new systems manually as it is prone to errors and incomplete migration. Only a data expert can handle the migration by analyzing the data structures and implementing migration scripts which includes SQL/Perl scripts/Crawlers so that the entire data migration in full and complete.

Daksha e-Informatics played an important role in different migration projects when it comes to CMS systems data migration, being in the services from old versions of Joomla and WordPress, Dakshah acquainted with the hands on experience in Data migration.

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